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    Corporate Photography with Alder Preece Electrical

    Yesterday I was with Alder Preece Electrical. They needed corporate photography for leaflets, printed marketing material, as well as their website photography, including their social media accounts. We went to different sites, and covered both commercial and domestic installations of lighting, wiring, conduit and EV car charging installations.
  • Renewable Energy Video Production

    Renewable energy is driven by innovation. In order for renewable energy companies to compete with fossil fuel technologies, they have to keep modernising. Video marketing is a very effective way of communicating a lot of information in a short amount of time, and renewable energy video production is the way forward. Educating people about renewable…
  • Engineering Video Production

    We produce high quality videos for your marketing and demonstration purposes of your engineering automation robot capabilities. We specialise in demonstration videos for Engineering companies that design automated machines, robots, structures, bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, wind turbines and buildings. We have experience working with different engineering companies to produce such videos that can be copied…

  • New shortened video production for Newport City Martial Arts

    Shortened version of the Newport City Martial Arts video prodcution, this has a standalone Instagram version at a 1:1 1080p square ratio specifically for Instagram. Filmed with dual Sony A7III’s, Sigma Art glass at 24mm and 50mm, using stabilisers and multiples of LED lights to highlight the subjects.    

  • Luke Sutton passed UAV Academy UAV drone pilot 1
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    Videographer With a CAA Permission to Operate Drones

    My name is Luke Sutton, I am a videographer / video producer and I am certified for a CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). I have a good understanding of UK air regulations, flight safety, flight planning as well as flight skills. I definitely have an eye for this business; I produce professional videos for…

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    Web design optimised for top positions on Google

    We are still in the business for creating effective high quality sites that rank high on Google. Ofcourse this is not always a guaranteed strategy; if you haven’t worked on optimising your website in the last few years, chances are it will take a little time to gain some momentum in Google organic listing for…

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    CAA Certified Aerial Drone Pilot for Surveying and Video Production

    We are certified with a CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations), and we have a good understanding of UK air regulations, flight safety, flight planning as well as flight skills. This means we can provide aerial UAV flights to gather images and photography for property development and real estate advertising, drone mapping, drone surveying and…

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    Industrial Video Producer

    Industrial video producer We have video production experience working with big industrial and engineering companies, installations and projects. We communicate well and take on-board your video needs before doing a risk assessment, for both aerial footage and footage obtained on the ground. Industrial videos are usually a mix of ground footage (interview segments and time-lapses),…
  • Timelapse using Sony’s interval picture mode

    So!! I perfected the time-lapse using Raw shots from my camera *as opposed to recording in video mode*.- this one has 380 RAW files… and shot in sequence. So essentially it would be 6K , then downscaled to 4K. YouTube has probably reduced the quality a lot here but on my screen at home, the…

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    Industrial Videography Footage – 4K with Callouts

    We have started using callouts on video, which are illustrations using text and symbols to represent values, and to point out machines on the video. This helps educate the viewer and can look really professional on the final footage.  Below is an example, filmed with Sony A7 III using Sony’s S-log 2, and Canon 5DMKIV…