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  • 2 person interview filming at mercian labels 1
    industreel video production

    Filming for ABG International at Mercian Labels

    I have recently been commissioned to capture film and audio for ABG International whom are manufacturers of innovative print finishing equipment for over 60 years, with over 11000 machines installed worldwide. ABG international needed a two-person interview to be filmed, with aerial video footage for the establishing shot, and b-roll footage of their installation of…

  • dji m2ea drone dog rescue video production 10
    industreel video production

    DJI Video Production with Lost Dog Rescue Drone To Home

    In this video we follow Former policeman and drone operator Phil James who uses a powerful thermal imaging device on his drone to find lost dogs in the Nottingham area. Visit here to find out more.

  • Video Production RNA automation Wash Waste Cartridge Assembly System
    industreel video production

    Video Production – Wash Waste Cartridge Assembly System

    Video production for RNA Automation showing their latest Wash Waste Cartridge Assembly System.

  • MiTek Laceby Manor Stills 1
    industreel video production

    Filming in Grimsby for MiTek Case Study

    We recently filmed in Grimsby over the last few days, filming the first part of a case study video production which tells the story of DWB Roof Truss Ltd and Mitek industries on a site expansion which is under construction on Laceby Manor Golf Course. We filmed aerial footage of the Laceby Manor construction site,…

  • videographer luke sutton1
    industreel video production

    Filming at Zeus Juice in Birmingham

    Teamed up with DJR Visuals, we have been creating some fantastic digital content for Zeus Juice UK lately, with 3 video productions for their production facility, the lab and the quality inspection, as well as the product video production. We’ll have a video in the next few days for you all to see – and…

  • Stillers distillery video production short 30 second advert0
    industreel video production

    Stillers Distillery short 20 second teaser

    We recently filmed Stillers Distillery in Monmouth, to produce both a short 20 second teaser video, and a longer 2:30 second video. This is the short 20 second teaser video. STILLERS® is a 100% copper pot distilled botanical drink. It is distilled in the beautiful Wye Valley using carefully selected organically grown herbs and spices. No…

  • Animated photo of my Grandad from WW2
    industreel video production

    Animated photo of my Grandad from WW2

    I recently animated a photo of my Grandad from WW2. My Mother’s birthday is soon approaching and she will be 70 this time around, and she misses her father since he passed away in 2008. I decided a good gift would be an animated picture of him, like what i saw in the movie Harry…

  • Filming with RMGroup at Radnor Hills manufacturing facility
    industreel video production

    Filming with RMGroup at Radnor Hills manufacturing facility

    We have been blessed so far in 2021 with our industrial filming clientele. We have recently filmed RNA Automation, TNA Solutions, and now with RMGroup UK at Radnor Hills in Wales.  RMgroup have chosen us to film and produce a video testimonial with their client Radnor Hills. We have filmed aerial footage and ground footage,…

  • RNA VARIFEED automation video production
    industreel video production

    RNA Varifeed® automation video production

    The goal of this video production was to accurately demonstrate the machine’s capability of counting and placing the product branding on the top. Products that were misplaced/up-side-down are kicked back into a sequence and spun into the centrifuge and back onto the production line.  We used an assortment of ground cameras and a drone far…

  • RNA Automation industrial video intro idea
    industreel video production

    RNA Automation Industrial Video Production Intro Idea So Far

    So far on the intro idea with the video production for RNA Automation – it’s very early days! I haven’t even graded the colours yet, and the intro will be improved a great deal. Watch this space.