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Company induction videos: The Best Way to Welcome New Employees

When new employees join an organization, they may feel overwhelmed with the new environment and unsure about where to go and who to ask for help. To make the process smoother and more engaging, companies have been introducing induction videos to their onboarding program.

But what exactly is a company induction video? It is a video presentation that illustrates the organization’s culture, values, policies, and procedures that a new employee needs to know to become successful in their new position. These videos can be delivered online, in-person, or both. Ideally, induction videos should cover a wide range of topics from company history and mission statement to information about employee benefits, workplace safety, and security.

But why are company induction videos so important? Firstly, induction videos can help new employees feel more connected and engaged with the company culture than reading a booklet. Not only do they provide an overview of what is expected of them as a team member, but they can also help employees to better understand the company’s values and goals.

Secondly, induction videos can provide consistency in information delivery. With a video, there is no room for misunderstandings, and employers can ensure that every new employee is receiving the same information. This consistency can save time and resources of the company.

Additionally, induction videos can encourage active participation and engagement. They can be interactive and allow new employees to ask questions to clarify their understanding or provide feedback. This interactive element can help new hires to feel more comfortable in their new environment and be more confident when approaching their managers or colleagues.

Another advantage of company induction videos is that they can be used for future reference. New employees can use videos as resources to review information they might have forgotten over time. Moreover, training new employees with induction videos can save a lot of resources like money, time, and effort.

To conclude, company induction videos are essential for every organization for a better onboarding experience. They offer benefits such as consistency in information delivery, promoting personnel engagement, improved understanding of the company culture, content retention, and cost-efficiency. If you want to make your onboarding program efficient, engaging, and ensure that new employees feel welcomed, induction videos are an excellent way to do so.