We have been busy near sunny Brighton at the start of this week filming a corporate video production for RF Solutions – suppliers of radio modules, radio remote control systems, antenna, wireless, GSM and industrial telemetry solutions. They have been designing and trading for 30 years and felt this was a good moment to step more into video, with a corporate video production.

Corporate interview video production at RF Solutions

Camera A and Camera B setup. I used a softbox (Aputure lantern) on the same side of the windows, to give the illusion that this is all natural lighting. a reflector on the left out of the shot to gently pick up those shadows under his chin, and a very gently tungsten light to ever-so-gently highlight his head and shoulders. I attached the mic straight to the tripod here using an extendable arm, and plugged into a Zoom H4N pro with phantom 48v supply.
This time I got the talent to look into the lens, and I had him to the left of the frame allowing for a little negative space on the right – sticking to the rule of the thirds.

Watch this space