We are producing an industrial video RMGroup UK Ltd which we filmed just a few days ago, at a company called Long Rake Spar at Garston Docks. This sales/showcase video production was commissioned to showcase both the installation and automation process of form fill and seal with garden stones into heavy-duty bags and later sent on a conveyor system for robot palletising (phew I hope I wrote this correctly!). These are heavy stones – each bag weighs at least 20KG and the machines move at a very high speed. If you look at our TNA Solutions video production showcasing their 3CI Robag, you’ll see how familiar the process is. The machine uses a large roll for the product bagging, and rolls around a metal tube feed system whilst sealing as the product is filling the bag; I am no engineer so forgive my incorrect terms here!). 

RMGroup form fill seal robot palletisation

At the beginning of the video you can see a dump truck lifting the product into large chutes at the back of the factory; this feeds into a conveyor system for the form fill and seal process to begin. The video continues through to the palletising, until it is loaded onto a lorry for distribution. 

Filming this video has been amazing fun – we even mounted a GoPro on the dump truck, as well as one of the ABB robotic arms which pick and load heavy bags onto pallets. This is a very sophisticated installation, so getting each stage onto video is vital, as well as ordering it in post-production so it is an easy-to-watch video production. 

Watch this space as there is more to come.