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Filming the RNA MK360™ – Glass Disc Vision Inspection

We have recently been filming at RNA Automation in Birmingham, creating a video production of their revolutionary RNA MK360™ Glass Disc Vision Inspection system. This incredible machine can handle and inspect 1200 parts per minute – pushing the limits of industrial automation for certain. I won’t get into the science of this as I am no engineer – but I am a camera enthusiast. I was really impressed on a spinning glass disc being utilised to carefully rotate the parts around the inspection compartment. Cameras were carefully placed at key exposure points, and a flash system was in place. These high-resolution images were displayed on the HMI on the outside of the machine – displaying incredible detail of the part from above, the sides and the bottom. Any rejects were immediately kicked off the small internal conveyor system or off the glass disc itself; successful parts continued to a boxing compartment which feeds into the factory’s conveyor system.

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Extreme speed visual inspection system

This video production was more difficult than bigger capital equipment due to the small form factor of the machine, and the tight confined spaces where I could film. Aerial filming was the first thing on the list. Once this was done, I got some shots on the outside of the machine with the camera before planning how I would get all of the footage inside of the tight space.

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Engineer at RNA Automation

For the inside shots (believe me this is trickier than it sounds) I moved some practical lights inside so I could improve the exposure on the inner workings of the MK360. This inspection process is lighting fast, so the camera quite literally just sees a blur. I needed to shoot at a much higher frame rate to capture detail, so I opted for 100 frames per second. The problem with shooting at higher frame rates is that you need a lot more light to capture each frame, since the shutter speed is working much faster thus capturing less light on each frame; I tackled this by bouncing light off the inside roof panel, using much more powerful lights outside of the MK360’s windows.

We’ll be launching this video in the next few weeks.

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industrial automation visual inspection 1

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