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Manufacturing Video Production Company

There is no better way to demonstrate the capabilities of your manufacturing capabilities than video. With video, you can clearly communicate the process of the manufacturing, and each individual stage into short segments. We work with various Companies such as TBS Engineering and RMGroup, producing high-quality video productions to help facilitate their unique selling points, and ultimately to increase sales and conversions.

Aerial and Ground Footage

We are licensed aerial drone pilots, and we can get aerial footage and photos of your factory / establishment, as well as the robot-palletising machine or manufacturing automated machine.

Where It Started

We originally began as specialists in industrial engineering videos. Over this time, we have perfected filming of machines and automated robots; utilising drones, sliders, time-lapses, hyper-lapses, faster frame-rates. We have filmed video productions for engineering companies, military contractors, musicians, athletes, financial advisors, and aerial surveyors. With this experience and understanding of different filming styles, we are confident we can provide the video solution for you.
We use industry leading technology and equipment to create a high-quality product that perfectly captures your vision, all in 4K resolution. All our filming and post-production is done in-house allowing us to ensure the end product perfectly meets your specification and expectations.

How Much Do You Charge for Manufacturing Video Production?

We are transparent with our prices; our video production begins at £750. We are fully insured, and have some expensive equipment in order to create smooth, crisp and professional video productions. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pricing; you may want aerial video footage, ground footage of the machine with voxpops with staff members, and a full interview scene, in which case the pricing may be around £1500. We can also offer professional logo opening intro videos, and we also use copyright-safe music.

Uses for Video Footage

We can install your video on your website if you need help embedding the footage. The video file can be used on your social media, and we can provide different variations for platforms on request.

Common Requirements

We are usually asked to bring our own personal protective equipment – so steel toe cap boots, high vis and blue ‘visitor’ hard hats come along with us on the job. We are usually asked for both photography as well as aerial photography and video filming, as well as ground camera footage. Because this is commonly asked of us to provide, we have not only recently become licenced in drone operating and piloting, but we also have professional cameras and lenses for the photography side of things too! We have displayed a video preview and some industrial photos that were taken onsite in the last few months.

We began filming with engineering companies such as TBS Engineering and RMGroup Ltd; so working with automated robots assembling raw materials and transforming them into a final product, has become something we try to perfect. We have figured out that these fast moving robots can appear blurry, and competitors usually have an antiquated approach to filming manufacturing robots and assemblies, failing to adopt smooth camera panning, as well as using insufficient lighting. We carefully plan the shot from the start, and with the help of an assigned supervisor on-site, we carefully go through the shot list and make sure we light each part carefully, maybe tweaking to a higher shutter-speed if the shot has a faster-than-average moving mechanism. We are all about quality.

We can provide filming with manufacturing systems such as and not limiting to the following: agile manufacturing, fabrication, lean and flexible, mass customisation and mass production, numerical control, rapid manufacturing and reconfigurable manufacturing systems.