What Makes Us Stand Apart From the Rest with Industrial Video Production?

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Our experience originated from Engineering video productions, beginning with TBS Engineering in Gloucestershire, and ever since we have been producing high quality videos for numerous industries. We can take care of the creative aspect; all you have to do is tell us what it is that you need filming. We’ll do the rest.

  • We are competitive with pricing, and more focused on building a portfolio of satisfied clients with a strong reputation.
  • We have a CAA licence for commercial aerial footage of your building for your industrial video
  • The quality of the video is superb, and clean in a 4K format that you can either send to your clients, or display in a meeting or on your website.
  • We have a background in website design, and we can embed your video for you.
  • We have experience in busy environments where danger is around every corner.
  • We carry out a pre-site assessment and on-site assessment to ensure safety and professionalism on the filming.

Most requested of us are videos of production engineering and machinery, usually coupled in with voxpops (onsite interviews with engineers and crew), timelapses of an assembly or installation taking place, interview with management or directors and a video that includes aerial footage for the intro and outro of the video.

Our Equipment

We film with Sony’s A7III camera range, which is just crisp and beautiful for clear footage that looks professional. We pair these with good lenses for Sony Zeiss Batis range, and Sigma Art. Alongside our camera is out Mavic Pro 2 drone, which has a Hasselblad sporting a 1-inch Sony backlit CMOS sensor with 14 stops of dynamic range. We have lighting, and sound equipment such as wireless lavalier microphones and shotgun microphones.

Our Methodology

  • Pre-site and on-site assessments to ensure safety with filming and aerial video footage
  • Filming storyline and shot list done beforehand with the direction of yourself to ensure we move in the right direction
  • Filming day to be short and well organised.
  • Once footage has been processed, we will build a relative concept and send this to you, to make sure the footage is correctly assembled.
  • Colour grading and finalising of the video production with a licenced sound track.
  • Video production sent digitally to you using a service such as SendSpace or Wetransfer.