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Industrial photography is a niche of photography that focuses on the inner workings of an industrial company, and this would typically cover capital equipment manufacturers, manufacturing, engineering, machinery, equipment, employees and facilities.

Industrial photography can showcase your business in action, and shed light to the industrious and laborious that happens in your facility.

We have worked with both video and photography with companies throughout the UK, and usually this would be a project which covers both video production and photography on a single shoot. Taking stills from video is an option, but it’ll never be anywhere near as good as actual industrial photography, which delivers better clarity, colour and crispness.

We can take pictures at your business from both the air and on the ground; we have a CAA operational authorisation in order to be able to undertake such an operation.

Aerial Photograph TNA Solutions

Core Engineering

Core Engineering

Aerial photography used to be a job for aviation pilots. It was quite common for photographers to hire a helicopter and a pilot, and take aerial photos of establishments and businesses using telephoto lenses.

Nowadays however, things have changing drastically. Drones these days are kitted with powerful cameras, and in these cameras, are excellent sensors which can deliver a high-dynamic range along with good colour science.

As you would have read earlier, we are licensed to fly drones but we take safety very seriously, taking the public’s safety into account as well as our flight crew. We hold a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Operational Authorisation, which gives us a legal permit to safely pilot a drone of up to 2KG, to obtain both aerial photography and aerial video footage from high above.

Industrial photography looks far better when you have aerial photography to back up your project.

Aerial Photography

TBS Engineering

RNA Automation

TBS Engineering – Close up on brush

Build Your Digital Assets

Professionally shot industrial photography is likely to be one of the most important marketing assets at your disposal. Good quality images at hand are what you’ll need for your marketing department if you want to stand out from your competitors.

Once you have good commercial photography at hand, you can improve your website with professional photographs, improve communication and grab viewers’ attention on social media such as LinkedIn. If you want to use leaflets and print, you’ll need photography to hand with printing companies. Many engineering and manufacturing businesses do not have any digital assets; and this leads these industries to searching for industrial photographers. We know what looks good in this niche, and we have experience working in this environment.

We have years of experience in industrial filming, video production and photography. We have experience with composition, and using light to create depth and intrigue into the industrial environments. Build you digital assets with us, and there will be no limit to how far you can go. Digital video footage, clean and crisp photography along with aerial photography of your facility; the sky truly is the limit.

Seeing a 50 fold return on investment, if not more in certain instances


Luke has a great creativity and an eye for the unusual.

He’s produced some fantastic media for us that has gone on to help us win significant amounts of business, seeing a 50 fold return on investment, if not more in certain instances.

A pleasure to work with, and hopefully a driving force in supporting us in capturing our messages and communicating that to our market going forwards.

Phil Baker