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Factory Video Production

Seeing a 50 fold return on investment, if not more in certain instances


Luke has a great creativity and an eye for the unusual.

He’s produced some fantastic media for us that has gone on to help us win significant amounts of business, seeing a 50 fold return on investment, if not more in certain instances.

A pleasure to work with, and hopefully a driving force in supporting us in capturing our messages and communicating that to our market going forwards.

Phil Baker

Factory Video Production

We film video productions in factories, laboratories and manufacturing facilities. Video productions are an effective and powerful tool to win contracts, clearly communicate services and to gain exposure. You can utilise one of our video productions on exhibition screens, on your website, on your YouTube channel, your company LinkedIn page, and directly with clients. Nothing compares to professional videos, planned and filmed with a purpose.

We provide a custom service with clients, and we understand they have different uses for their videos. We have produced videos recently for a defence sector manufacturer, and they use this video in their meeting room to impress clients, and to showcase their manufacturing capabilities (it makes for a great conversation starter in a meeting too).

Featured: Video production for Kasdon Electronics. Kasdon electronics are custom PCB manufacturers for engineering and defence sector.

We also film for TBS Engineering and RMGroup Ltd, and these manufacturers specialise in capital equipment manufacturing. They sell their machines to export and processing customers worldwide, and video is powerful to directly engage with potential clients, on social media such as LinkedIn, and in sales meetings where they can provide supporting video and imagery to their sales pitch.

We have a keen eye for detail and have specifically specialised in this field. Factory video productions are critical in sales meetings, to better communicate the capability and ROI of the machine. We have made a fine art of filming each process in the very best quality, utilising smooth camera motions, and using text graphical overlays where necessary. Animations can be added to illustrate internal processes that are not visible to the eye.

Featured:  TBS Engineering. We use ground and aerial drones to capture the footage. Post-processing and sound engineering is where a lot of the magic happens!


We film in 4K and provide 4K footage as the final product. This footage is absolutely perfect for display screens in board and meeting rooms, and you can share this footage on social media such as your company LinkedIn page, or display on your website.

The length of the video is entirely of your choice, since this can vary from customer to customer, we start our pricing from a baseline figure and work up from there. Some customers prioritise the manufacturing process and it may vary in actual playback time.

Style of video also varies with different clients. With creative freedom, we can act as the creative directors and really grab the attention of your customers, or you can help guide us on the filming process, and we understand you are the experts in your field and know exactly what footage to show in the final product.