Video production

For years, I've collaborated closely with manufacturing clients, adeptly guiding them in showcasing their processes with utmost clarity

With years of hands-on experience, I’ve forged close partnerships with directors and their marketing teams, collaborating to craft top-tier content that drives sales. My journey began with fine-tuning search engine optimisation and enhancing AdWords campaigns for esteemed manufacturers like RMGroup UK Ltd. Over time, I transitioned into the dynamic realm of video production, serving major international manufacturers.

This rich background equips me with a unique advantage: I navigate the complexities of manufacturing environments with finesse, ensuring efficient video production timelines and minimal complications. I’ve honed my specialisation in this domain, continuously refining my skills to deliver unparalleled results. This expertise sets me apart from competitors, enabling me to deliver exceptional value to my clients.

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I’m interested in video production. What are the next steps?

Send me an email using the contact form here and we’ll schedule a video call. Once we have discussed your needs and objectives, we can decide and plan the specific shoot day and then get to work.

We aren’t exactly sure what we need. Can you advise us?

Absolutely. I’ve worked with hundreds of different clients and always stay updated on the current best trends in the industry. We can happily discuss your requirements in a free video call.

Do you only film machines, or can you film interviews, etc.?

I can film anything. Whether you need a talking head video, an interview, an event video production, or a training video, I can handle it. I’m not limited to just industrial or manufacturing video production.

Do you do photography?

I am a professional photographer and videographer so professional headshots as well as industrial photography is an optional service. Take a look at my photography here.

Can you film aerial shots?

I have both the A2 Certificate of Competency and General Visual Line of Sight Certificate, and many hours of flight under my belt. A copy of my licence can be seen upon request.

What is the process of getting a video production done?

Once we decide on a shoot date, I’ll email you the plan we agreed to along with a deposit invoice.

On the shoot day, I’ll film aerial shots and interviews in the morning (if required) and then office shots and machinery shots in the afternoon.

With all the footage, I will then create a production for your review which will need your input for small changes etc. Once you are happy with the final video, I will send it to you digitally and invoice you.

What do we need to do before the shoot?

It would be a good idea to tidy the factory and manufacturing areas. Remove any items like fizzy drink bottles from office areas, dust from the tops of machines, wipe down panels, and sweep the floors free from manufacturing debris. It’s also advisable to check if your staff is comfortable being filmed. If not, I can work around them on the day.

Do we need to do anything on the day of the shoot?

Ideally, if you can assign somebody to assist me for the day, perhaps a member of your marketing team or a supervisor onsite. I’ll need help with engineers and floor staff to get the right shots we need.

What kind of price are we looking at?

I try to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach so this depends entirely on the scope of the project and what the requirements are.
I’ve spent over £40k in capital expenses in the last 4 years and this doesn’t include the costs of software licences, music copyright licences and drone licences etc. Realistically I’m looking at north of £2000 for a 3-minute video production with two revisions, to cover an estimated £500 daily operational / capital expense hire rates per shoot days – video production has a much smaller profit margin than people think.