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Factory Filming

We have a keen eye for detail and have specialised in factory filming in the last few years, since we started filming automated robotic assembly machines with TBS in 2017. Global competition in capital equipment manufacturing has necessitated better marketing strategies, and video is certainly the best way to increase sales and conversions with potential clients.

Explainer video productions are powerful in sales meetings, and they can better illustrate the automated process from the base parts, through to a finished product. We have made a fine art of filming each process in the very best quality, with smooth camera motions, implementing text graphical overlays where necessary.

Featured: Video production for Kasdon Electronics. Kasdon electronics are custom PCB manufacturers for engineering and defence sector.

Seeing a 50 fold return on investment, if not more in certain instances


Luke has a great creativity and an eye for the unusual.

He’s produced some fantastic media for us that has gone on to help us win significant amounts of business, seeing a 50 fold return on investment, if not more in certain instances.

A pleasure to work with, and hopefully a driving force in supporting us in capturing our messages and communicating that to our market going forwards.

Phil Baker

Capturing Footage

Capturing the footage of the industrial machinery or industrial scenery can be very creative though. Sometimes we will film using motion time-lapses; concentrating on a particular machine and placing the camera on a very-slow moving slider, which would take around 30 minutes to move 15 inches. We then set the camera to take pictures every 3-seconds and 900 images later, you have about 14 seconds worth of amazing footage in 6K Raw images. In the background of this machine, you'd see the out-of-focus engineers whizzing around in a spectacular blitz of time. The ending result is fascinating and can make a really good impression.

For fast-moving industrial robotic pickers and packers, we film at higher-frame rates such as 100 frames per second, or 60 frames per second. This avoids motion blur from fast-moving automated robots. We will start with wide lenses and move into the subject, and later capture close-up shots of the control mechanisms and shots of the operators, whom are changing settings and loading products into the conveyor system itself.

Ground and Aerial Footage

We are fully licenced to operate and film using our drones, and we usually take aerial footage of a factory or facility as part of every video project. Aerial footage can make a great opening scene for your video, before we get to presenting the machine itself.

We film factory video productions with a variety of ground cameras, all of which meet today's high standard of 4K. We can produce stunning visuals to accurately demonstrate your factory video. Since LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo all support 4K video, it makes sense to meet high video standards of these social media platforms.

We often film at high frame rates as we want to avoid motion blur as you know how fast your robots can complete tasks! We like to avoid motion blur too much and show clear footage of the process, and this way we can slow the footage down if need be, to allow your client to observe the automated process in greater detail. We also use small cameras that we can attach to fast-moving automated robots, for a closer-view of the action.

Factory Filming Video Process

We always start with a call or an email to discuss the factory specific video that you need. Perhaps you want an explainer video of a specific industrial process, or maybe this is for LinkedIn to gain new clients. Once we have agreed to production, we will discuss the general theme and some of the shots, then agree to a filming date.

We use full PPE on-site to meet the requirements on-site. We film the machine which can take from 2-4 hours, and then take the footage back to our studio for editing, and we'll send you a sample of the footage in its temporary state for you to have your input on the arrangement and cutting/cropping of footage. With this information, we can proceed to finish the video and add sound/ music and graphics. After a final review, we can then send the footage using WeTransfer. This video production will be suitable for social media, and streaming to screens, or playing from a flash drive in a smart TV.


We send a rough draft of the video before the bulk of the post-processing begins, and once you have helped us get the footage right, we'll finish the filming production, and then send the finished video production to you electronically within a few days of the filming date. Footage can be sent on a flash drive through the post if this is preferable.
All footage is 4K, and this footage can be played on any TV (that supports a USB drive and external media), laptop, tablet, smartphone or computer.

Industrial Video Uses

Your video production can be utilised and made to gain conversions and really connect with your customers. You can link this video in your email footer (which every client can click on and see), and you can also post this on your website, or social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Instagram. This would be excellent as you would gain influence in your industry, and build new business opportunities. Video productions are commonly used in boardrooms and meeting rooms, to impress potential customers, and to subtly communicate to existing clients that visit your establishment.