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Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Video Production

Renewable energy has been on our mind for some time. With the introduction of the net-zero legislation, the net-zero carbon economy being a priority for the Government, and the Government’s upcoming investment in low-carbon and renewable energy generation, technologies and storage, the future of energy companies is looking exciting, prosperous and rewarding.

In order for renewable energy companies to compete with fossil fuel technologies, they have to keep modernising with new and engaging advertising strategies. Social media is no doubt the platform of your choice for advertising, and we like to take a unique and innovative approach towards filming. Renewable energy itself is driven by innovation, so this will be a good collaboration.

For renewable energy, education is key with getting important facts across whilst maintaining high user engagement. We like to film ground footage that is interesting, along with aerial footage, and some interview segments. We can also show little snippets of time-lapses in there too. We want to make the story as interesting as possible, at the same time as catching their attention. You’ve only got a few seconds to catch their attention on any social media platform, so let’s make something different than the rest.

Your field is constantly changing and you need to drive global change.
Renewable energy is a broad term, which encompasses wind via wind turbines, rain, sunlight via solar panels, tidal and geothermal heat. Renewable energy concentrates its energy in generating electricity, air and water-cooling, transportation and rural energy.

Marketing statistics show that the biggest mobile trend over the last year was the move towards users consuming more video – over the last year there has been a 34% growth in the number of video mobile sessions worldwide (figures from App Annie Managing Director, Paul Barnes; January 2020).  Now, more than ever, is the time to ensure your Company and services stand out from the crowd.


Video not only makes people stay longer on your website, but it’s proven that having a relevant video on the page makes it twice more likely to rank for that given keyword on the first page of Google. If you host your video on YouTube and embed this on the page, visitors will also see a YouTube video snippet in the search result pages for this specific search term. 57% of consumers state that videos gave them more confidence in their purchasing decision, in which most of these people had already logically decided to choose the product. They wanted to emotionally support this logical decision. Powerful video production that tells a story is usually the best strategy, and using social media to educate people into renewable energy sources and new energy renewable technologies is a powerful combination.
Give customers the information in a way that suits your business. Bite-sized short video clips that are easily shareable can really build up your authority in this industry. This is made more effective with complementing blogs, articles, infographics and even polls for renewable energy. Become the industry standard and build trust for renewable energy. With social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, you can target the specific super-customer by their interests in global climate, and joining the energy revolution.

We are certified and qualified drone pilots, as well as having experience and the skillset in the video production industry for industrial companies and renewable energy companies. We like to listen to your needs, and build a strategy and a story to produce video content that makes a difference.
We can film time-lapses, aerial video footage, interviews, and edit and produce the video production at our in-house studio.

Renewable energy video productions should tell a story, educate people, be emotive, and inspiring. It is the future after all. Let us make some great video content that can showcase sustainable energy and renewable energy.