factory video production

Factory Video Production

We specialise in video production for manufacturers across the UK, working with companies like TBS Engineering and RMGroup Ltd. Factory videos are industrial videos essentially, and these kinds of video productions can range from training, health & safety, and internal communications, to manufacturing video productions, which are for sales and communicating with key investors and potential clients.

We Began Filming Capital Investment Equipment

We began filming the manufacturing of capital investment equipment a few years; this was and still is a fascinating field to us. A factory is a powerful environment, and we take great pride filming each stage of the production. We still film these clients today, and now we are working with RMGroup UK to film robot palletising machines. It is not all about factory automation and robotics; we like to include manual labour in the footage, and this can be effective – (ultimately this depends on what you’d like in the footage).

How Does It Work Then?

We work with our clients to plan and set the stage for the filming. A brief phone call would be ideal to start with, and once we know what is to be expected, and more information about the factory environment, we can arrange a filming date.

Filming takes around 4-5 hours at the most. We are experienced with factory environments and safety so we are fully kitted with PPE and insured. We understand with manufacturing, that there may be hiccups along the filming process, perhaps the machine is not working correctly, etc. We can be flexible and continue with other shots until the machine is operational again.

We start with aerial filming / ground filming of the factory, the environment. Then we will film the manufacturing process (if this is a requirement), and we will proceed to film the interview stage (if this is a requirement also).

Some of the advantages of choosing us for your video production are:

  • CAA qualified drone pilot. We can provide aerial footage on-site
  • Experience working with defence contractors
  • Competitively priced from £900 for factory industrial video productions
  • 7 years experience – web design. We can embed your video on your website
  • A professional, relaxed, supportive & productive experience

How Much For Filming?

We charge from £900 for factory & Industrial video productions.
We take a 50% deposit and will invoice for the remaining 50% upon digital delivery.
We are insured, and our equipment is insured. We are insured UAV drone pilots, so we can obtain aerial footage.

Post-Production and Digital Delivery

Once we have filmed, we process the footage in post-production at our in-house studio.
After a few days of making the professional video production, we will send you a demo for you to give us notes about changes, and we can then work on making these corrections.

Once we have corrected the footage, we will deliver the footage digitally using WeTransfer. The expected turnaround from the date of filming, to digital delivery, is around 5 days.

We will need your assistance; if you can assign us a member of staff to help us communicate with the engineers from time to time, that would be ideal.

We are fully insured for filming onsite, as well as piloting a drone.
If you have any questions, email us at luke@lukesuttonproductions.co.uk