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  • video production mitek and dwb timber engineering
    industreel video production

    MiTek’s Aspire Series & DWB Trusses Video Update

    We have made fantastic progress with MiTek’s Aspire video production series so far. This latest video instalment follows the relationship between MiTek Industries and DWB Trusses; an independent company with an enviable reputation for their range of roof trusses, Posi-Joists, feature trusses, spandrel panels and laminated beams. This video which is currently in post-production follows…

  • Video production lead acid battery automatic plate loader 4
    industreel video production

    Filming TBS Automated Plate Loader

    We are currently producing a sales video for TBS Engineering, and this video production focuses on a gantry-based installation of an automated plate loader, which sorts and groups lead-acid battery plate lugs neatly from stacked pallets, ready for automation onto a conveyor system. Once the pallet is cleared, the robot will change tooling to remove…

  • RNA MK360 Disc Inspection System Video Production

    Video production for the RNA MK360 Disc Inspection System.

  • filming automotive agm lead acid battery assembly at tbs engineering glouceshershire
    industreel video production

    Filming The COS10S at TBS Engineering – AGM Automotive Battery System

    We have been filming an absolutely massive installation at TBS Engineering lately. This installation specialises in AGM battery assembly for the automotive industry (Absorbent Glass Matt – Instead of the free-flowing liquid inside of a regular car battery, the AGM carries its charge in soaked sponges coating the lead plates. The glass mats’ complete coverage…

  • rna mk360 automation industrial photography 23
    industreel video production

    Filming the RNA MK360™ – Glass Disc Vision Inspection

    We have recently been filming at RNA Automation in Birmingham, creating a video production of their revolutionary RNA MK360™ Glass Disc Vision Inspection system. This incredible machine can handle and inspect 1200 parts per minute – pushing the limits of industrial automation for certain. I won’t get into the science of this as I am…

  • Upcoming Video Production with RNA Automation
    industreel video production

    Upcoming Video Production with RNA Automation

    We are prepping to film at RNA Automation later this month. This video will be demonstration the capabilities of the RNA MK360™ automated inspection machine. The automated inspection machine RNA MK360™ is developed specifically for 360° quality inspection. A unique and novel approach to inspecting through the use of a rotating glass disc. We will provide…

  • TNA Seasoning Demo from Feb ’21

    This is a small demo that we filmed from early Feb ’21 during the pandemic and we had to film this at a distance with minimal staff on site. We used a drone to get the aerial video footage, and cameras such as the Sony AS7III coupled with anamorphic lenses to achieve the blue streak…

  • Filming at allied hygiene in London
    industreel video production

    Filming at Allied Hygiene

    We are currently in the process of obtaining footage and photography of capital equipment machines manufactured by Lantech and RMGroup. RMGroup and Lantech have a close working partnership, and this particular stretch of the manufacturing process features a cardboard box extractor from one end of the line which leads to a robotic arm picker which…

  • rmgroud radnor hills case study video production3
    industreel video production

    Rmgroup automation video production under review

    The RMGroup UK case study video with Radnor Hills is almost complete and currently under review, and in the finalising stage with the help of MarblesPR, and the RMGroup team. Along with MarblesPR, the RMGroup team and Radnor Hills, we have produced a professional client case study video production, highlighting Radnor Hills success with automation,…