I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth just yet. I have actually been busy on video and marketing projects involving print design for a client, as well as industrial photography for a few clients. Industrial photography is something that a lot of my work has progressed into; I started in industrial video production, and there has always been a demand for digital assets to be acquired for clients.

This time around, I have been with TNA Solutions (a leading global supplier of cutting-edge technology for the food processing, conveying, seasoning, weighing, and packaging industries) and their client Burt’s Crisps. You may have had Burt’s Crisps along with a favourite salad or side dish, and their factory itself hosts a whole variety of TNA automation systems programmed to produce thousands of bags a minute. It was really interesting to see potatoes go into one end of the factory to later come out in freshly sealed bags of crisps.